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Free online graphical editor for generating Selenium based code

Test Assist Generates Selenium based source code in C#/Python/Java and Javascript using a simple No-Code Graphical Editor in no time. This will be a perfect platform for manual testers, test automation engineers, and those who want to automate any website operation.

Unveiling Test Assist: Detailed Explainer Video

Watch our 15 minute explainer video how to use TestAssist for generating good quality automation code.

How TestAssist works

Step 1

Start Editor

Start the online editor from

Step 2

Login (Optional)

You can use Editor as a logged-in user or as a guest. As a Logged-in user you can create, save and load the test case from anywhere as it will be stored on cloud (in encrypted format). As a guest you need to download the TestCase if you would like to use it later stage.

Step 3

Setup DesktopApp

Please download the latest version of TAGateway App from
After downloading please extract the zip to a folder and start the TestAssistDesktop App.exe by double clicking on it. Once the DesktopApp is started ensure the Editor established a connection by looking at the green circle on the toolbar.

Step 4

Create TestCase

Create a TestCase using  + button on the toolbar. Provide a meaningful name for the test case and URL in the format e.g

Step 5

Extract locators

Click on the Navigate button so that a new browser instance will be started with the supplied URL. Now user can drag and drop the listed web elements from LocatorView to FlowView.

Step 6

Run TestCase

Drag & drop necessary steps from the toolbox to build a meaningful test case. Thereafter, press the Run button to start running the TestCase.

Maximize Test Automation Efficiency: Harness the Power of Test Assist for Selenium Development

Unlock the true potential of your Test Automation development in Selenium with Test Assist. This powerful tool empowers you to enhance efficiency, fasten the processes, and achieve superior results. Revolutionize your testing workflow and drive success with Test Assist.


Who get benefited from TestAssist

See who gets most benefitted from TestAssist

Manual Software Testers

Manual testers can easily drag drop web elements to TestAssist Editorand generate fully working test scripts in your favorite programming language.

Automation Engineers

Automation engineer can reduce the time for developing efficient test automation code using TestAssist Editor. No need to manually find locators, drag drop and run the test code, generate code for different browsers with minimal clicks etc.

Anyone who can automate web site

If you are curious about how to automate a repeated tasks in a web browser, here is the solution for you. Please watch our 5 minute explainer video how to achieve this without any programming background.

Unique advantages of TestAssist

Some of the unique advantages of using TestAssist


TestAssist is absolutely free of cost. Code generated using TestAssist is not subject to any license agreement.

Web Based

TestAssist is web based, hence accessible from any device or any location.

Code Generation

Generate test code in an your favorite programming language such as C#, Java, Python and JavaScript.

Easy locators

Using the LocatorView in the Editor user can easily extract locators without using browser's diagnostic window.

Run the Test Code

User can run the TestCase anytime inside the Editor. During the execution instruction flow will be visualized using a yellow arrow. Errors will be provided as ToolTips.

Major OS support

TestAssist supports major Operating Systems such as Windows/MacOS and Linux for running test programs.

All Browsers

Supports major browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Save and Load

Save and Load previously created Test programs from anywhere.

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Free Graphical no-code editor for Generating Selenium automation code in Java, C# & Python


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